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About Warwickshire First Aid Training

Warwickshire First Aid Training understand that finding a first aid training provider can be a daunting task for any employer or business owner, and we know quite a few who will take your money and deliver a course that leaves you wondering what you have paid for, and may mean your training you have received is not fit for purpose.

The more you learn about us and our values you will realise that we are a very reputable company who only delivers accredited first aid training that is Ofqual approved, we are also an accredited training centre too.

Martyn runs the business and brings with him over 10 years as a highly regarded first aid trainer, what people like about him and his style of training is that he engages with you, he makes the first aid training fun for all and gets those golden nuggets of information over to you in such a way that you take them away with you, very few trainers have that gift and that is what Martyn is about.

about us here at Warwickshire first aid training

Warwickshire First Aid Training came to fruition because we believe in doing things very differently to our competitors, we know the standard of first aid training differs greatly from provider to provider and we wanted to set our benchmark very high and provide high quality accredited first aid training at a fair price and that is what we are about.

We do not use contract first aid trainers because we believe they will not deliver our first aid training to the high standard that we require for employers and businesses that hire us to deliver first aid training to them.

We have fast become the first aid training provider of choice for many businesses throughout Warwickshire throughout Warwickshire, West Midlands and beyond too.

You will find out that there is no difference between first aid training on our site or first aid training on your site other than its cheaper and more cost effective to have us on your site, but if you only have the odd one or two staff members we hold regular open courses monthly at our centre in Rugby Warwickshire.

So Martyn decided instead of delivering first aid training for other training providers he would do it for himself and Warwickshire First Aid Training was born, and over the last 12 months has built a great reputation and has fast become the first aid training provider of choice for many businesses.

To make first aid training accessible to smaller businesses and individuals we have our own dedicated first aid training centre in Rugby Warwickshire.

To find out more about Warwickshire First Aid Training give us a ring today