Am I Breaking The Law with NO First Aiders on Site

am i breaking the law

Am I breaking the law with no first aiders on site? this largely depends on what your “first aid assessment” findings are, at the bare minimum you will require a fully stocked first aid box and have an appointed employee who will call the emergency services if an incident was to happen on your business site, Warwickshire First Aid Training always advise every business to carry out a ‘first aid assessment’ based on what the company does and the potential risks of carrying out what the business does too, this is not so hard as you think and you should be able to tackle it successfully in around 30 minutes or sooner.

Your first aid provision needs to be adequate and appropriate to your business circumstances and you will need to ensure you have sufficient first aid equipment, facilities and staff members on your business site at all times the business is open for business too.

So, what do you need to do to take into account when writing my first aid requirement assessment?

  • What does your business do?

By this we mean what is the nature of your business, are you a very small office that does clerical work, or the other extreme you are an engineering workshop with machinery, this is a very important starting point for your assessment.

  • What workplace hazards or risks do you have?

This can be things like trip hazards such as hidden hazards in walkways, slip hazards such as wet floors, spillages of liquid, lifting heavy items, moving machinery especially mobile operator ones, do you use chemicals on your site, these are the more obvious hazards, this is the more time-consuming part of your assessment but plays a major part in your assessment though.

  • How many staff members do you employ?

How many staff members are on your site at any one time, does your staff do any shift work, or do any of your staff members work at remote locations, these are all areas that need to be looked at and make up an important part of your assessment for your first aid needs and requirements.

Holidays and absenteeism of employees need to be taken into consideration especially if they are potential first aiders or appointed persons, it is quite common for business owners to forget to factor this in and then have a problem further down the line.

  • Will you have first aid provision for Non-employees?

Although you have not got to provide first aid provision for visitors to your business premises, the majority of businesses we work with do make this provision if a visitor becomes ill or has an accident on site, mostly because it gives you peace of mind that if an incident did happen you would have staff members who can react quickly to it.

  • Have you had any accidents or incidents at your site in the past?

If you have had incidents or accidents on your business premises in the past, then this should also be part of your assessment too.

You now have all the information at your fingertips you require to complete your First Aid assessment, although you have completed your first aid needs and requirements assessments it is wise to revisit periodically through the year, amending if circumstances have changed.

Now you have completed your first aid needs assessment, you should now understand what your first aid requirement is and you can make an informed choice on what level of the first aider you require or if an appointed person will fit your needs better.


Every business needs to do a first aid needs assessment and revisit it 2 – 3 times a year to ensure that it still fits your needs and requirements regarding first aid on your business site. Am I breaking the law? depends on your findings, you may not require first aiders on your site but you may well need an Appointed Person though.