Finding a first aid training provider who is competent

Since 1st of October 2013 the Health and Safety Executive NO LONGER approves first aid training organisations and that’s a fact, finding a first aid training providerthere are still some first aid training providers who still claim they are an HSE approved first aid training provider, thinking it will give them the edge over their competitors and win more work, luckily the HSE and ASA are slowly but surely dealing with this and they are slowly and surely being taken to book and dealt with accordingly as complaints are given to them.

We see this quite a bit in the first aid training industry and it makes all of us really annoyed that just a few think they can still get away with it and the problem is that employers and business owners really need to do their due diligence very carefully.

Although if you choose to have a first aid training provider to deliver a ‘Regulated Qualification’ through an Awarding Organisation then ‘Due Diligence’ has already been done for you, we are an accredited training centre with Qualifications Network.

There are quite a few similar awarding organisations who have very similar criteria to the one we have chosen.

Regulated Qualifications:

qualifications network

Centre No 15227

We only deliver Regulated Qualifications, so what is a regulated qualification and what does it mean for you the employer or business owner?

A regulated qualification is a qualification that is provided through an ‘Awarding Organisation’ that is recognised and regulated by a UK regulator such as Ofqual if you are in England.

Business owners and employers who we have supplied first aid training too are now leaning towards a ‘Regulated Qualification’ rather than an ‘In-House’ qualification because the certification for a regulated qualification demonstrates that the learner has attended a qualification course that is approved by a UK regulator and also accredited by an ‘Awarding Organisation’.

So what does that mean for YOU the employer or business owner?

This means that YOU the employer or business owner has a duty to ensure that finding a first aid training provider that you select for the purposes of first aid training is competent to deliver that training if you are not using a provider who is not a member of an Awarding Organisation.

Obviously, this is going to be a daunting task if you are unsure where you are going to start trying to find a first aid training provider who is competent to deliver your first aid training to your staff members.

To help guide you the HSE has provided a guidance sheet on finding a first aid training provider who is competent and you the employer may find this useful because it sets out the criteria that a competent first aid training provider should be able to demonstrate to you.

These criteria include:

  • The qualifications expected of first aid trainers and assessors;
  • Monitoring and quality assurance systems a first aid training provider has in place;
  • Teaching and standards of first aid practice;
  • Syllabus and content; and
  • The information included on a certificate.

Warwickshire First Aid has completed this Selecting a first aid training provider for you, so you can be assured of our competence as a first aid training provider.