First aid training in schools

First aid training to be taught in schools was announced earlier this month by the education secretary who underlined the importance that every child should have the chance to learn first aid skills such as CPR and using a Defibrillator and says this will be rolled out from 2020.

First aid training in schools is quite common in many countries around the world especially the CPR aspect of the first aid training.

Learning first aid can make a massive difference to someone having a ‘Cardiac Arrest’, and their survival rates are considerably higher than the UK too.

But hopefully, with the governments initiative, the UK can turn this around and increase our survival rates too.

We all know that many schools budgets can be tight even though the government says that year on year the school budgets are increasing.

So if the government underlines the importance of every child having the opportunity to learn first aid skills, then how is it going to be funded and will poorer schools lose out because their school budgets are tight.

Here at Warwickshire First Aid Training we most definitely hope this initiative is going to be funded by the government to ensure that first aid training will be available to all pupils at school and not left to individual schools to implement if budgets allow.

We think teaching first aid in schools is a really good thing because it helps build the confidence of the pupil so that they can make a difference to someone in a first aid situation and also teaches them a life skill too.

Everyone hopes they never need to use first aid skills but chances are you will at some point whether it be a friend, family member, or someone in the street so that’s why we are so passionate about first aid being taught in schools.