Is It Stupid to Ask Questions?

Is it stupid to ask questions? Well in our book it is not and I am a firm believer in that if you do not know then its much better to ask because it saves all the confusion further down the line and all the misunderstandings too.

Recently we had someone who contacted us about doing a first aid needs assessment for his business and he was unsure how to carry one out and he naturally thought it was a stupid question, not really was it?

It was really it clear he did not know and we gave him a link to our first aid needs assessment pdf on how to carry out a first aid assessment and offered to go through it with him if he wanted us too and he gave us his thanks for our help.

Then a few hours later he came back to us again and said I have another stupid question for you.  How do I select a first aid training provider for training of my staff and what should I look out for and so we sent him another link to help him out, again with the offer of assistance if required.

Yes you have guessed it he came back with another question and he said this is not a stupid question but who do you use as your awarding body for your accredited qualifications and we said we use Qualifications Network because this works well with our internal and external quality assurance.

So was this a stupid question

He said thank you for all your assistance with my stupid questions today and said they were not stupid questions because you clearly did not know the answers, and we are pleased we have been able to assist you.

He said you have quoted me for training for Emergency First Aid training on my site and after all the assistance you have gave me today, I would like to book some  first aid training with you at Warwickshire First Aid Training


We get asked lots of questions regarding first aid and we are more than happy to help anyone with there first aid requirements and questions and we do not think in most cases that the questions are stupid either, because they clearly do not know the answers and we freely offer free advice and assistance in the hope they make a good choice in choosing a first aid training provider and stay compliant with HSE requirements.