Legal Requirements for – Workplaces legal requirements

The Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 gives all employers legal duties to ensure their workplace has adequate First Aid provisions, this applies to all workplaces including those with less than 5 employees and to the self-employed too.

It is quite common for employers and business owners to be caught out by failing to comply with their legal requirements as laid down by the HSE and in recent times the HSE are giving out record fines in relation to breaches in employers and business owners not complying with their legal requirements under HSE legislation.

Your assessment of your First Aid requirements.

  • Does your business undertake any hazardous duties or you handle hazardous materials ?.
  • How many members of staff do you have? do any of your members of staff have any disabilities or health concerns?
  • Does any of your members of staff work shifts? first aid provision is required at all times the business is open for business.
  • Have you had any accidents or injuries in the past at your business?
  • Do you have adequate cover for holidays, absenteeism, sick leave?
  • Do you have any members of the public on your business site, or visitors, although you have no legal obligation for this, the HSE do strongly recommend you factor this in when you are performing your assessment of your first aid needs?

First Aiders: What level of training do you require?

  • Appointed Person: This person is in charge of first aid provision, and looks after first aid equipment and calls the Emergency Serves when required.
  • Emergency First Aid at Work: This level of training is ideal for LOW risk workplaces, and would have the skills, confidence and competence to deal with a first aid emergency.
  • First Aid at Work: This level of training is ideal for MEDIUM to HIGH risk workplaces, and would have in-depth knowledge, skills. confidence and competence to deal with a multi-casualty first aid emergency.

Please use this table for your Minimum First Aid Requirements, this will give you a guide to how many first aiders you require on your business site, also at what level of training also.

These are only minimum requirements and having a good first aid provision can save lives Warwickshire First Aid Training always encourage business owners and employers to have more than the bare minimum of first aiders on site after all an accident can happen without any warning.

Would you still be able to meet your First Aid requirements if your first aiders were sick or on holiday, or perhaps if they left your employ?

Do you have any questions regarding your assessment?

Assistance is just a call away, give our Customer Service Team a call, they are very knowledgeable regarding first aid assessments, also all about our first aid courses too.