Our Chosen Charity

Each year we choose a local charity to work with for the coming year and this year we chose to work with PawPrints Dog Rescue based in Rugby Warwickshire.

We reached out to a few local charities in our area with a very varied response indeed from a polite no thank you to one getting in touch with us 2 months later saying they were interested when we said that unfortunately we have chosen our charity for our support for the next 12 months and perhaps they may be fortunate next year when our search starts all over again.

Their response was definitely not called for I can assure you and we have made a note of it not to ask them in the future either.

First Aid and Charity Work

Many smaller charities are totally run by volunteers and have very limited budgets and our chosen charity is no different either.

We identified they needed first aid training to meet there first aid needs assessment requirements so we offered every member of the charity 1 place each month on our QNUK Level 3 Award in  Emergency First Aid at Work (RQF) course till all staff members had achieved the first aid qualification, and each qualification is regulated by Ofqual and accredited by Qualifications Network.

Our Chosen Charity and How We Can Help

Not only will we supply all the first aid training they require to them over the year, but we have also started to introduce them to our contacts who would love to help them this year too, in fact, 1 person who they really wanted to chat too was a personal friend and a quick phone call and they were connected.

This is the very first animal charity we have worked with and being a dog owner myself it really resonated with me the work they do to help these animals and get them rehomed to loving homes.

Throughout the year we will provide help and assistance to our chosen charity, we are excited about it and so are PawPrints too.

We Like To Give Back

It is important for us all here at Warwickshire First Aid Training that we give something back to the local community and it also shows the local community we like to play it forward, after all in the early days of our business many people gave up their time to help us get started and we are very grateful for that and their help too.