Whats the difference between regulated and unregulated first aid training

What’s the difference between regulated and unregulated first aid training?

Quite a bit has it happens and this is something that comes up quite often in conversations we have with prospective business partners, because some business owners clearly don’t have any idea what the difference between regulated and unregulated is, and what they need to do when working with a provider that offers unregulated first aid training.

So here is a blog about the differences.

Regulated First Aid Training

Their are lots of regulated qualifications out there, and they all have something in common because they are all assessed programme of learning that have been developed by an awarding organisation or sometimes several awarding organisations. These awarding organisations need approval by one or more regulators, in England Ofqual is the regulator and in Wales its Qualifications in Wales who is the regulator. Quite often awarding organisations have their qualifications with more than one regulator because that qualification is available in other areas of the UK and comes under a different regulator.

Regulated qualifications have been developed with engagement from employers and other stakeholders to help design and develop a qualification that meets current best practices or recognised national occupational standards.

With all regulated qualifications they are subjected to internal and external scrutiny and each provider of that qualification will have internal quality assurance to ensure everything meets the criteria given by the awarding organisation and this will be externally quality assured by the awarding organisation and appropriate measures taken if the provider doesnt meet that criteria.

With ALL regulated qualification certificates they must include the regulators logo(s), these logo(s) are internationally recognised as a sign of quality with regulated qualifications, they must have the awarding organisation logo and have the qualifications specification on the certificates these certificates are  numbered by the awarding organisation so they can place the holder of that qualification with that number and the qualification number is on a database of the awarding organisation..

The holder of the certificate is only allowed to have 1 certificate in circulation at one time and replacements only issued if the awarding organisation criteria are met and they are satisfied that it has been met.

The regulated qualification is for the person who has met all the criteria required for that qualification and passed a recognised path of learning and has satisfactorily passed the course.

Some employers think the qualification is rightfully theirs but it is not, and have had a few conversations about this with our customers, and on one occasion had to get our awarding organisation involved..

Unregulated First Aid Training

Unregulated first aid courses are differnent from regulated first aid courses because they are typically developed and designed by the training provider and are programmes of study, although some providers may gain third party recognition for their course they have developed there is no requirement for them to do so and the majority do not.

They also have no requirement for additional quality assurance checks during the design of the said course, the delivery of the course, or the assessment process of the delegates and the awarding of achievements from the provider to the delegate.

Our thoughts

It is up to the business owner or the employer to decide whether an unregulated qualification or a regulated qualification meets their needs and requirements.

I they choose an ‘Unregulated’ course then its up to the business owner or employer to conduct their own due diligence to ensure it meets their needs and requirements. The provider will usually have to prove that the training offered meets the requirements of the employer or business owner.


If they choose a regulated qualification the employer or business owner does not need to carry out any further due diligence checks because it already meets the requirements because its a regulated qualification delivered through and awarding organisation thast is using an approved provider to deliver that qualification.

What do we offer

From the outset it was our decision at Warwickshire First Aid Training that all our qualifications are regulated qualifications, we welcome the internal quality assurance and also the external quality assurance audits because this helps us improve our training and delivery to our customers.

We want to give the best possible training that is ‘up to date, precise, and fit for purpose’ for all of our customers.

Our most popular qualifications with our customers are Emergency First Aid at Work and First Aid at Work which are delivered on our customers sites.

We also have a Course Shop if you want to come to us too.