Why Choose Us?

Why choose us as a first aid training provider is a good question and something we love to ask all of our customers we do business with because it helps us to improve our service also ensures we are ahead of the game while helping us get it right too and this is very important to everyone here at Warwickshire First Aid Training.

why choose us

Everyone is a valued customer and we really appreciate that you have taken the time to contact us and find out more about us and what we have to offer you.

We believe your first aid training should be delivered in a truly engaging way and we at Warwickshire First Aid Training have well and truly mastered this concept with really engaging content that enables your staff members to learn new first aid skills, broaden their existing knowledge of first aid, and have some fun too.

Everyone learns differently and we know this and so we ensure our first aid training is fully inclusive of all learning styles to ensure each learner gets an amazing learning experience, a recognised qualification that is Ofqual approved.

Schedule of Work

If you accept us as your first aid training provider we will agree on a date(s) with you to carry out your first aid training course(s) on your business site and at this point, we deem it as confirmed booking(s) and our T&Cs will become legal and binding.

If your staff members are on a first aid at work requalification course then they will need to produce their qualification certificate at the time of registration on the training day, we do allow a maximum of 30 days after expiry date to sit this first aid at work requalification course.

On completion of the training day(s), all paperwork will be checked and uploaded to QNUK our awarding office for checking and issuing of certificates for those that have passed the first aid course.

At this point our invoice will be sent by email to the person booking the first aid training for payment, we draw your attention once more to our T&Cs regarding the terms of payment.

When the certificates have arrived at our office they will be checked and at this point, we will post them out by recorded post to the person booking the course, this normally is within 7 working days after submitting paperwork.

Our Qualifications:

All of our first aid qualifications are accredited and regulated by QNUK and all first aid qualifications are Ofqual approved.

qualifications network

Centre No 15227

We are also an approved centre with QNUK and all of our policies are available in the footer of our website.

Why choose us for your first aid qualifications, because we only deliver accredited and regulated first aid courses  some of our competitors offer there own qualifications which are their choice, we at Warwickshire First Aid Training only offer accredited and regulated first aid qualifications because we believe in maintaining high standards that are checked by external quality assurance by our awarding organisation.

Our First Aid Trainers

Our first aid trainers are all QNUK accredited and have many years of professional experience in delivering first aid training and they really love to share there immense knowledge and experience with all course members and facilitating engagement with them too, and after all, we all learn from each other, don’t we.

All of our first aid trainers have professional teaching qualifications along with current first aid qualifications and they also attend regular CPD events to learn new skills, update current skills, they are also all regularly assessed for competence as a first aid trainer.

Why choose us from our customers.

We carry out surveys from time to time with our customers asking them to give us 10 reasons why they chose us as there first aid training provider and this is was there top 10 reasons which we also made into a blog too.

First Aid courses available with Warwickshire First Aid Training.