We are in the Top 25 First Aid Training & CPR Blogs on the web.

We are in the top 25 blogs for our First aid training and CPR blogs

We love writing blogs for our business Warwickshire First Aid Training Ltd.

We are a first aid training provider in Warwickshire offering work based first aid training at our centre in Rugby and also on our customer’s premises throughout Warwickshire and the West Midlands.

Received an email yesterday from Anuj Agarwal he is the founder of Feedspot one of the top blogging platforms on the web. He said he would like to personally congratulate us on our blog and it has been selected by our panelist as one of the Top 25 First Aid Training & CPR Blogs on the web.

You can imagine we were surprised to hear this so we checked out the link they provided first aid training and CPR blogs. Sure enough there we were at number 20 out of 25 so we were well pleased we have also got a badge too

first aid training and cpr

Our blogs have had some great feedback and they have triggered some great discussions too and we have had our fair share of trolls over the last couple of years too, both on our blogs and also on social media too.

Are we bothered NO, we believe everyone has an opinion and we respect that but why hide behind a pseudonym when they do it?.

Enough of that, catch up with us shortly on our next blog, we just wanted to share with you all our really great news of us being 20th out of 25 blogs for First aid training and CPR.

Once again we are really thrilled to be in the top 25 blogs for first aid training and CPR, thank you all at Feedspot blogging platform for choosing us and a massive thank you to Anuj Agarwal for the personal congratulations from Feedspot too.