About Us

About Us

How it all started with an idea

I’m Martyn Coton the person who had an idea and the driving force behind that idea that started off Warwickshire First Aid Training Ltd.

With over 15+ years of practical experience as a freelance first aid trainer working with some of the best first aid training providers in the business, it was now time to start another journey building my own first aid training business that would build on my values and would be ultimately about us, it was important from the outset that I took what I had learned and did it the right way and that was being an accredited first aid training provider was the way I wanted to go and in 2016 Warwickshire First Aid Training Ltd came to fruition.

You learn an awful lot in 15+ years of freelancing as a first aid trainer, such as who are the really focussed first aid training providers who want to ensure that their customers have an awesome experience and great learning outcomes, and those who are the complete opposite too, and have met my fair share of them too.

One thing that really resonated with me and I was determined to overcome from the outset was to eliminate the risk employers and business owners have when finding a reputable first aid training provider by going down the accredited training provider route and only delivering regulated qualifications that are not only  Ofqual approved but are also accredited by an awarding organisation that not only has very high standards but also continuously working to keep raising those standards too, so I chose Qualifications Network UK (QNUK) as our accredited provider who would not only meet our needs and requirements but also very much about us and our goals too.

about us

Our Awesome Customer Service Team

We all would like great customer service, and it is something that was our goal from the outset, we breathe and deliver great customer service and this has helped us grow at a very steady pace since launching in April 2016, in fact we have been so successful we have had to become Vat registered.

All of your calls are answered within 10 seconds and if our amazing Customer Service Team are busy helping our customers with their enquires we have a call handling service who will take your message and ensure our customer service team gets your message and respond to your message promptly as soon as they can.

On average we will respond to your call within 60 minutes but often very much quicker during office hours, and our customers like that about us too.

Through our customer service team, we have had steady growth over the last 3 years and that has largely come from positive personal recommendations from our customers and our customer service team for going the extra mile to ensure you and our customers are happy.

Our First Aid Training Team

We are extremely lucky that all of our first aid trainers who work with us are all highly skilled and competent in what they do, they all have professional teaching qualifications with many years of first aid training experience to ensure that our first aid training is fully inclusive of all learning styles, its FUN, and its really engaging for our delegates so ensuring to give them an amazing learning experience with us.

After all our customers are our best reviewers and they love telling other people what an amazing learning experience they have had with us.

Our first aid training team attend regular CPD events that are organised by our awarding organisation of choice Qualifications Network UK (QNUK) as well as courses and events organised by companies in our industry, this enables them to enhance their knowledge and share new thinking with you our delegates.

Thank you for learning about us today

Thank you for  learning about us today and we would really love to work with you and your business to deliver our high quality first aid training to you and your business, please get in touch with us to learn more about us and how we can help you with your first aid needs and requirements, first aid training and helping you maintain your first aid compliance.

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