Basic Life Support (Adult & Child)

Course Specification:

Qualification accreditation number: 603/2612/8

Description: This qualification is aimed at those looking to learn basic life support. This may be for the purpose of personal achievement, however, may also support a role in a workplace; for example, clinical and non- clinical staff working in a GP or Dentist practice.

Qualification objective: This qualification has the purpose of supporting a role in the workplace.

Basic Life Support (Adult & Child)

basic life support

Basic life support is an ideal course is ideal if you or your staff work in a non-medical role such as in a primary care setting such as GP surgeries, Dental practices, or Community health.

This 1/2 day course will give you or your staff members the confidence and competence to be able to successfully manage an unconscious and have the necessary skillset to give lifesaving resuscitation if the casualty stops breathing and will also have the necessary skills to use an AED confidently and competently, and how to place the casualty into the recovery position.

You will also learn how to successfully provide assistance to someone who is choking and have the confidence and competence to act swiftly in the event an adult or child is choking.

Basic Life Support course is a regulated qualification approved by Ofqual and is accredited by Qualifications Network, and meets current requirements of UK Resuscitation Council too.

Course Pricing:

  • Staff Members
  • 1 – 6
  • 7 – 12
  • Course Pricing
  • £299 + Vat
  • £349 + Vat

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Regulated Qualifications:

We only deliver Regulated Qualifications, so what is a regulated qualification and what does it mean for you the employer or business owner?

A regulated qualification is a qualification that is provided through an ‘Awarding Organisation’ that is recognised and regulated by a UK regulator such as Ofqual if you are in England.

Business owners and employers who we have supplied first aid training too are now leaning towards a ‘Regulated Qualification’ rather than an ‘In-House’ qualification because the certification for a regulated qualification demonstrates that the learner has attended a qualification course that is approved by a UK regulator and also accredited by an ‘Awarding Organisation’.

Basic Life Support (Adult & Child) course syllabus includes:

Have the understanding to able to assess an incident in reference too:

  • Conducting a primary survey of the casualty (Adult, Child, Baby)
  • Summon appropriate assistance.

Be able to administer and provide first aid to a casualty who:

  • is unresponsive but breathing normally
  • is unresponsive but NOT breathing normally
  • choking

Benefits of working with us:

  • Our pricing is clear and transparent with no hidden extras.
  • Group bookings for up to 12 staff members.
  • No travel costs for your staff members
  • Times & dates can be tailored to fit your business requirements.
  • A regulated and accredited qualification that is nationally recognised.
  • Content can be tailored to your workplace subject to a consultative workplace needs assessment.
  • Highly experienced first aid trainers.
  • Over 15 years of professional experience.

Course Duration:

3 guided learning hours (1/2 day)

Course Tests:

Practical observations during your training course.

Course Qualification:

Candidates who successfully pass all the practical elements of the course will be awarded an Ofqual approved QNUK Level 2 Award in Basic Life Support (RQF)

This is valid for 3 years from the date of the course, you will receive an A4 size certificate and also a wallet/purse size plastic qualification card.


It is recommended that candidates have a minimum of Level 1 literacy and numeracy or equivalent.

Attendees will be required to demonstrate first aid procedures as they would in a real environment. This includes providing CPR to a casualty who is on the floor, therefore be physically capable of doing so.

There are no other pre-requisites for this qualification.

Geographical Coverage:

This qualification is available to candidates in England.

The Qualification can be delivered in other countries however candidates should be aware that the content was developed in accordance with current UK practice.