AEDs and maintaining them

AEDs and maintaining them

We all know that AEDs can save lives if used quick enough in an emergency situation and that's a given. So just imagine if it fails to work

Our Chosen Charity

Each year we choose a local charity to work with for the coming year and this year we chose to work with PawPrints dog rescue.

Mini Easter Eggs and Children

Easter will be with us again shortly and although the easter eggs have been in the shops since Boxing day, yes Boxing day if you can believe that one.
do I need to call and ambulance

Do I need to call an ambulance

We often hear about ambulances taking forever to get to an incident, and we often jump to conclusions and say it’s the ambulances fault, but is it?
first aid training in schools

First aid training in schools

First aid training to be taught in schools was announced earlier this month by the education secretary

Communication is so important

Communication is so important in a first aid emergency because it helps the first aider get a good mental picture of what has happened and how to respond to the first aid emergency.

We are in the top 25

We are in the Top 25 First Aid Training & CPR Blogs on the web and they wanted to personally congratulate us on our blog and it has been selected by our panelist as one of the Top 25 First Aid Training & CPR Blogs on the web.
you and first aid compliance

You and first aid compliance.

You are probably thinking what have you got to do with ‘You and First Aid compliance’, quite a lot as it happens.
this causes lots of confusion

This causes lots of confusion

If you mention first aid needs assessment to some business owners over the phone you will find this really causes lots of confusion with them.