Recently I was traveling on an aircraft to the USA when the lady next to me got up to use the restroom and collapsed on the floor just outside the restroom, luckily a fellow passenger and an air stewardess were on hand
if you want quality

If you want quality

If you want quality first aid training then it’s not going to be ‘cheap as chips’ as the saying goes, quite often we get told that we are ‘f**king expensive’ for what we offer, especially with people who want quality training but they want it at ‘bargain basement’ prices,
is it stupid to ask questions

Is it stupid to ask questions..

Is it stupid to ask questions, in our book it is not and I am a firm believer in that if you do not know, then damn well ask because it saves all the confusion further down the line and misunderstandings too.
what makes us different

10 things that make us different

10 things that make us different from our competitors.
first aid

First aid qualifications relaunch

We are an approved centre with Qualifications Network they are one of the larger Awarding Organisations in the UK for Health & Safety and First Aid training.

Schools can buy spare adrenaline pens

Schools from today (1st October 2017) will be able to order and buy extra adrenaline auto-injectors such as EpiPen, Jext or Emerade, from pharmacies and store them for emergency use only, this is because there has been a change in the law.
anaphylactic shock

Anaphylactic Shock

Anaphylactic Shock or Anaphylaxis as it sometimes known as is an extremely dangerous allergic reaction which can be triggered by prescription drugs such as Penicillin, reactions can occur with certain foods to and the more common ones are peanuts, seafood, insect bites, hair dye chemicals (that’s why hairdressers do a ‘patch test’ with customers), in fact there are lots of things that can trigger an allergic reaction.
asthma attacks can be damn scary

Asthma attacks are damn scary..

Asthma is becoming more common both in children and adults, you would have thought in this day and age that we would have eradicated this terrible potential life threating condition.
defibrillators saves lives

Defibrillators do save lives

I had an interesting conversation just before my holidays about Defibrillators and people saying that they are complicated to use, they can restart hearts, and they can be only used by trained medical people, what a load of bloody C**P that is, not using one could potentially cost someone their life.