Timing couldn’t have been better

Timing couldn’t have been better

An administration company in Warwickshire approached us at the beginning of September last year about providing first aid training to their employees. They would require it to be delivered off-site due to limited space at their offices; this is not unusual, as many businesses arrange for it to be delivered at a location other than their business premises.

The venue was arranged and booked

The timing could not have been better because we had another course to deliver the next week for another company at the same location, allowing us to check out both training rooms at the same time.

Training rooms checked out, and both training rooms had plenty of natural light, good ventilation, and plenty of space, so they all checked out ready to deliver their Emergency First Aid at Work course to their work colleagues.

Day of the course

The day had arrived, and our trainer had arrived early to set up the classroom for our learners. We frequently photograph the room because each trainer sets it up differently, and it is always interesting to see how they do it.

Before we knew it, our six learners who would be joining us for the day had arrived and taken their seats for registration, as well as to learn how the day would unfold and what learning outcomes we hoped to achieve.

timing couldn't have been better

First aid training commences

Our first aid training courses are extremely popular with our learners because we cover all learning styles, have the best training equipment, and our trainers are all hand-picked experts in their fields who enjoy sharing their knowledge with the group.

Each learner is given their own training manakin that has been fully sanitised and is only for their use during their training day with us. We invest heavily in our training kit to ensure that our learners have the best learning experience possible while learning and updating their skills.

Learners have a break and we gain a learner

Our learners return from their break, and the trainer notices that the cohort has suddenly grown; we have gained a learner. This had never happened before, so even the trainer was taken by surprise.

The trainer asked the lady why she had joined us, and she replied, “I am on a first aid course four rooms down, and all I hear is laughter in your room; you have an amazing first aid training kit, but our course does not.” Your learners have all been given coloured pens and are participating in writing on the whiteboards, and we are receiving PowerPoint presentations. Your students are learning far more effectively than I am, despite the fact that we are taking the same course.

The lady left to allow our students to continue their learning experience.

Our trainer got intrigued so went to have a look.

Our trainer assigned the group a fun task to keep them occupied for 5 minutes while she investigated further, and she discovered that a competitor company was offering the same course, but the learners were not having as much fun learning as they should have.

Our trainer got visitors

As lunchtime approached and our learners left to get some food, our trainer hoped to get some quiet time to do some paperwork, or so she thought.

The extra learner had called her boss to say they needed our company to deliver their first aid training because it is fun, inclusive, and provides them with plenty of hands-on experience using some fantastic training equipment, whereas the other training company fell far short.

The bosses arrived quickly and observed both courses before stating that they had paid the other training company and wanted us to deliver their first aid training needs and requirements as soon as possible.

Our trainer had a beaming smile

We did indeed get 3 firm bookings from them, and we were to deliver 2 x Emergency First Aid at Work courses that Friday and also First Aid at Work the following week for distribution staff.

Why was our trainer beaming? She was beaming because she had unwittingly sold 3 first aid courses, and the timing couldn’t have been better because she would have her bonus in her bank account in time for her move into the first home she had bought herself.


Our first aid training is all OFQUAL regulated and accredited by Qualifications Network UK which is one of the largest awarding organisations for health and safety first aid qualifications in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

First aid training can be boring, but it does not have to be; all it takes is a little thought from an experienced trainer to bring first aid training to life. We discovered that learners who have fun while learning and updating their first aid skills retain approximately 85% of the information and skills.

We have definitely got some very talented first aid trainers; they have all been handpicked for their skills and how they complement our values here at Warwickshire First Aid Training.

Our customer service team is also handpicked and brings a wide range of skills to the workplace, ensuring that our customers receive excellent service from the start.

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