Course Specification:

Qualification accreditation number: 603/2451/X

Description: This qualification is aimed those looking to undertake the role of a first aider in sports activities. The qualification also meets the requirements for a workplace emergency first aider as outlined in the Health and Safety (First-aid) Regulations 1981 and the Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1982.

This qualification has the purpose of supporting a role in the workplace.

Activity First Aid Course:

Activity first aid course is a specifically designed first aid course that is ideal for sports coaches, athletic coaches, outdoor activity instructors, leisure centres, this course is regulated by  Ofqual and accredited by Qualifications Network a leading awarding organisation for health & safety and first aid qualifications.

activity first aid course

This course builds on the emergency first aid at work course to include common sporting injuries that occur in an active sports environment.

This 2 day (12 guided learning hours, + 2 hours of self study) will equip the staff member with essential lifesaving skills such as how to manage an unconscious casualty safely and competently, also how to give lifesaving resuscitation to a casualty if they were to stop breathing also how to use an AED (defibrillator) safely and competently too.

Also covered in this activity first aid course is how best treat conditions such as common sports injuries, minor burns, scolds, shock, choking, and much more too.

Activity first aid course is fast becoming very popular with many sports clubs because it includes many common sporting injuries that sports coaches, instructors, and outdoor activity centres come across on a frequent basis

Regulated Qualifications:

A regulated qualification is a qualification that is provided through an ‘Awarding Organisation’ that is recognised and regulated by a UK regulator such as Ofqual in England.

Many business owners are now leaning towards a ‘Regulated Qualification’ rather than an ‘In House’ qualification as the certification for a regulated qualification demonstrates that the learner has attended a qualification approved by a UK regulator and accredited by an ‘Awarding Organisation’.

Course Pricing:

  • Staff Members
  • 1 – 3
  • 4 – 6
  • 7 – 9
  • 10 – 12
  • Course Pricing
  • £499 + Vat
  • £599 + Vat
  • £699 + Vat
  • £799 + Vat
  • Our pricing is clear and transparent
  • No travel costs for your staff members
  • Times & dates can be tailored to fit your business requirements.

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Activity first aid course syllabus includes:

Understand the role and responsibilities of the First Aider in reference to:

  • Preventing cross infection
  • Importance of recording incidents and actions
  • Using available equipment
  • Assessing the situation and circumstances in order to act safely, promptly and effectively in an emergency

Be able to carry out primary and secondary surveys and provide and administer first aid to a Child or Adult who:

  • is unresponsive but breathing normally
  • is unresponsive but NOT breathing normally (whether drowning or not)
  • is choking
  • has external bleeding
  • is suffering from medical shock
  • has injuries to eyes, bones, muscles, chest, and joints
  • is suffering from bites, stings, and minor injuries (splinters, cuts, grazes, or bruising)
  • has suspected fracture
  • has head, neck, or back injuries
  • has minor burns or scalds
  • is having a seizure
  • is suffering from anaphylactic shock
  • has diabetes
  • has asthma
  • has allergic reactions
  • Suffering from extremes of hot or cold

Course Duration:

12 guided learning hours (2 days) with an additional 2 hours self learning.

Course Tests:

Practical observations during your training days and a final multi-choice question paper at the end of your course.

Course Qualification:

Candidates who successfully pass all the practical elements of the course and pass the final  multi-choice paper will be awarded an Ofqual approved  QNUK Level 3 Award in Activity First Aid (RQF)

This is valid for 3 years from the date of the course, you will receive an A4 size certificate and also a wallet/purse size plastic qualification card.


This qualification is aimed at those over 16 who are able to undertake the responsibilities associated with being a nominated first aider. Candidates between 14-16 years can undertake the qualification, however, they should not be relied upon by employers to be a sole, nominated first aider.

It is recommended that candidates have a minimum of Level 2 literacy and numeracy or equivalent.

Geographical Coverage:

This qualification is available to candidates in England.

The Qualification can be delivered in other countries however candidates should be aware that the content was developed in accordance with current UK practice.