Due diligence and why we should do it

Due diligence and why should we do it?

Due diligence and why we should do it is a great question that applies to almost everything we buy, and first aid training is no exception if you plan to use an unregulated training provider.

First aid training is divided into three categories: regulated, voluntary (St John, Red Cross, St Andrews), and unregulated.

This blog gives you a guide to the differences between each, regulated first aid training and unregulated first aid training and this adds to the confusion even more.

As a result, if you use an unregulated provider, you must exercise caution to ensure that you understand what you are purchasing.

Isn’t all first aid training the same?

Unfortunately, unlike most things, there is a significant difference, and this is where due diligence comes into play to ensure you get what you need and are satisfied with your first aid training purchase.

Perhaps a beginning point would be;

  • Are they registered with an awarding organisation?
  • Do they have trainer insurance?
  • How long have they been teaching and delivering first aid?
  • Do they have professional teaching qualifications?
  • Are they healthcare professionals?
  • Did they come recommended?

This is only the tip of the iceberg when starting the due diligence journey into what they offer, and does it meet what you are looking for?

Does the training provider offer regulated training or unregulated first aid training?

Regulated first aid training follows an assessed journey of learning that has been developed by an awarding organisation, and then they get approval from a regulatory body or bodies depending on where the qualification will be delivered.

Ofqual is the regulatory body in England

Qualifications in Wales is the regulatory body in Wales

Scottish Qualifications Authority is the regulatory body in Scotland

Unregulated first aid training is typically developed by the provider, and these are programmes of study and nothing more; very few go down the regulatory approval route.

This also means they probably don’t get IQAd (internal quality assured) or EQAd (externally quality assured) for compliance by an awarding organisation.

Regulated first aid training providers get EQAd on average twice a year, and one of those visits is without warning. IQA is done at random, and we here at Warwickshire First Aid Training use an external IQA rather than an internal one.

due diligence

Carrying out due diligence

If you choose a regulated qualification, the employer or business owner does not need to conduct any additional due diligence checks because it already meets the requirements of the regulatory body.

Because it is a regulated qualification delivered by an awarding organisation via an approved centre provider.

If you choose a ‘Unregulated’ course, the business owner or employer must conduct their own due diligence to ensure that the first aid course meets all of their needs and requirements.

Typically, the provider must demonstrate that the training provided meets the employer or business owner’s requirements.


Finding a first aid training provider is not an easy task at the best of times, but you should always really carry out due diligence, whether you use an unregulated or regulated provider.

We are a provider of regulated qualifications, and we are delighted to collaborate with a potential customer to ensure that the training they will receive is an excellent fit for them.

Our kit is per person, so each person receives their own training manakin and equipment to use during their training day with us.

We also know some providers who believe that one size fits all, which is not the case; others do not invest in high-quality equipment and have plenty of it on hand to ensure that their students have a great learning experience.

DUE DILIGENCE is essential for finding the right provider to meet your training needs, and YOU must do it.

  • We recently had a customer who did not do their due diligence and then discovered that the course did not meet their needs and had to pay again with another provider to get the training they required.

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