defibrillators saves lives

Defibrillators do save lives

I had an interesting conversation just before my holidays about Defibrillators and people saying that they are complicated to use, they can restart hearts, and they can be only used by trained medical people, what a load of bloody C**P that is, not using one could potentially cost someone their life.
child chokes in coffee shop

Child Chokes in Coffee Shop

Recently I went for a coffee with a good friend of mine, anyone who knows me knows well, knows I use coffee shops a lot, both for social when catching up with friends during the day and also for business meetings if they are not too noisy too.
training with a defibrillator

Defibrillator Training

In December 2016 the HSE (Health & Safety Executive) made it known to First Aid training providers that defibrillator training must now be included with all First Aid training in the workplace
selecting a first aid training provider

Selecting a First Aid Training Provider

Finding and selecting a First Aid provider can be a daunting process for any employer or business owner, things have changed since 1st October 2013 because HSE no longer approves first aid training or qualifications.
changes to eyfs legislation

Changes to legislation for Early Years Providers

In March 2015 the Government put forward a proposal requiring that “all newly qualified Early Years Provider” to hold a valid Paediatric First Aid certificate in order to be included in the ratios required for early years setting.