Price matching is something we do not do EVER

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Price matching is something we do not do EVER

price matching

Price matching is something we do NOT do EVER

Price matching is something Warwickshire First Aid Training will not do, we offer quality first aid training that is accredited and Ofqual approved and this is offered at a fair price which meets our customer’s needs and requirements.

Last week we got asked for a quotation for first aid training for his large plumbing business who wanted to train 12 members of staff in first aid at work we compiled the quote and sent it to him by email informing him this quote was valid for 14 days. We heard nothing for around 7 days and we naturally thought he had found another provider which is fine with us and then we heard from him.

He said I have given your quotation some thought and have been doing some price matching and think you are very expensive for what you are offering when other first aid training providers will do the training for a good 40% less than you and said why are you phoning us then, thought it would be a no-brainer if you found a service which fits your needs and requirements for less than our quotation and can be delivered in your time frame too.

By then we knew what was coming next and it doesn’t happen very often and he said will you price match and we said NO, we don’t do things like that and not going to start now either. We have given you a competitive quote for the first aid training you require as outlined in your brief and we have added a couple of extra bits we think would greatly benefit your staff members first aid training and these have been included FREE for you as a goodwill gesture.

He knew by then this was not going to happen and said thank you for your time and we will be taking up the lower quotation for our first aid training with the other supplier. We said thank you for asking for a quotation and we are sorry on this occasion that we will not be doing business together but we hope all goes well for you and we may do business together in the future.

A week later after the quotation had expired he contacted us again and said I realised you get what you pay for in this world and when you gave us your quotation you sent a copy of your T&Cs and gave us links to your company policies and gave us a copy of the syllabus of what was going to be covered and what my staff members learning outcomes would be.

The other supplier didn’t do any of this for us and said he will beat any quote which he did but when we came to do our due diligence we realised that he may well be cheaper but when somebody’s life could be in jeopardy I need to know that my first aiders can make the difference till the emergency services turn up.

Did we do the first aid training for him and his company, YES we did and we gave him 6 first aid kits for his vehicles too and the smile on his face was priceless, and he has become a great referer for us too.

We won’t price match but we will go the extra mile to help someone out and deliver high quality accredited that is Ofqual approved first aid training at a fair price too.

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