price matching

Price matching is something we NEVER do ever, a few times a month we get calls from a prospective customer who wants us to match a competitors price and they are aghast when we say ‘Price matching is something we never do ever’ and they say well your competitors do and we say what our competitors choose to do is up to them and we don’t because its not our business model.

It is true some of our competitors do price match and some even promise to beat the quote too and it is something else we do not do either. At the end of the day, you get what you pay for and as long as the prospective customer has done their due diligence and happy that it meets their requirements and then it’s up to them, sadly many do not do their due diligence and some fall foul of HSE requirements and realise that their requirements have not been met.

We offer Ofqual approved first aid qualifications through an awarding organisation because we believe in keeping our standards as high as possible and being accountable too, and that was one of the reasons we went down the awarding organisation route and we are very proud to be an approved centre with Qualifications Network who believe in raising standards and we believe in maintaining them and for what we offer is high quality training at a fair price.

That is why price matching is something we never do ever but we do offer our customers great value and go the extra mile to ensure that their staff members have awesome training delivered by a highly competent first aid trainer, we have 1 mannequin between 2 delegates and we have 1 AED training device between 2 delegates and this coupled with  lots of other training equipment to ensure our delegates get maximum use and get the maximum benefit from their training course.

We know quite a few of our competitors don’t invest in the high quality training aids like we do and that’s why price matching is something we never do ever because we invest a lot in our training aids to ensure our delegates get great value for what they are paying for.