Christmas is here again

Although Christmas can be a magical time of year for the young and more mature it’s also the season that visits to A & E start to rise according to RoSPA. More than 80,000 people visit A & E over the Christmas period with over 6,000 people getting admitted, now that’s staggering considering the time of year.

So what is different at Christmas than at any other time of the year, it is thought that alcohol plays a significant part in the rise of accidents that require a visit to A&E or worse being admitted.

Kitchens seem to be an area where most accidents happen with around 1 in 10 people getting burned in the kitchen with hot fats or liquids and around 1 in 5 people getting a serious cut whilst preparing the vegetables.

Stairs seems to be another area where accidents happen with people    tripping or miss placing a foot and falling down the stairs and sometimes requires an A&E visit.

Children’s electronic toys have to follow safety regulations and have screw down battery covers but those musical cards and musical hats are not covered.  Button batteries  are shiny and easily swallowed by a toddler and can kill a child within hours of ingestion if not taken to A&E immediately.

Hospitals across the UK are noticing an increase in children swallowing button batteries with many being fatal.

Choking can be another cause for a visit to A&E especially children who choke on small toys stuck in the throat, some Christmas cracker companies have stopped putting those novelties in their crackers because of the choke risk. I saved a toddlers life not so long ago who was  Choking on a Lego brick and a muffin in a coffee shop. Adults choke too, it’s usually food but could be vomit from excessive alcohol consumption through over indulging at a party.

Believe it or not food poisoning is quite common at Christmas time especially with undercooked turkey you could get Salmonella poisoning and could prove fatal in the young and the elderly.

Turkey is a favourite with many households over the festive period and take a good while to cook properly, sadly many people still end up at A&E with food poisoning.

Some Christmas plants are highly toxic if ingested or may cause a Severe allergic reaction  such as the berries from mistletoe which can cause the heart rate to slowdown and cause hallucinations. So worth checking with a florist or garden centre before having them in your home especially with toddlers about.


First aid skills would come in very handy with the above and may come in handy at other times too.