First aid compliance

First Aid Compliance

As an employer or business owner, under the ‘Health & Safety First Aid Regulations 1981 and 1982 for Northern Ireland, you are legally required to provide adequate and appropriate first aid equipment, first aid facilities, and adequately trained first aiders in order to ensure that if a staff member became injured or felt unwell at work, someone would be able to assist them.

You may be wondering what to do with ‘You and First Aid Compliance,” but the truth is that it matters a lot. In fact, it applies to you even if you employ less than five people, are self-employed and work from home, or even drive for a living.

you and first aid compliance

So whats ‘adequate and appropriate’ I hear you ask?

No law requires business owners or employers to provide first aid to visitors, but most do. HSE strongly recommends that business owners or employers do, and we here at Warwickshire First Aid Training certainly encourage our customers to make provision for customers or visitors.

This is largely dependent on your circumstances, the workplace, and whether or not you need trained first aiders. At the very least, you will need an adequately stocked “first aid box” with all the kit in date and in good condition. If you employ a large number of staff members, it’s likely that you will need more than one of these boxes.

So how do I work out what I need to meet the ‘Adequate and appropriate’ requirements?

The process of meeting “you and first aid” compliance is quite simple. You’ll need to do a “first aid needs assessment,” which makes some employers and business owners nervous about where to start.

However, everything falls into place and takes about 30 to 40 minutes to complete by following a logical sequence.

You will need to revisit from time to time throughout the year to make sure you are still in compliance.

We review ours three times a year.

We have provided our “first aid needs assessment guide” to help you initiate the process.


In our opinion, it is always a beneficial idea to stay up-to-date with your compliance issues and revisit your findings on a regular basis to ensure that you are operating legally regarding health and safety.

If you did receive a visit from HSE, you would be able to show them the course you followed, as well as your findings and actions taken in your quest to be compliant regarding first aid needs for your business.

Quite a few businesses receive visits when there is a notifiable accident on site, or they have had a number of minor ones over a short period of time, and they have been known to hand out significant fines to some for non-compliance.

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