Getting found when lost

There are many apps out there that they claim their app will find you if you get lost, but how accurate are they? Have used many apps in my time as probably you have too, with mixed results.

People say you can use your postcode but that only gives you an area and doesn’t really tell people exactly where you are, you can use map apps but again very few will give you an exact location within 3 square metres, but the smartphone app what 3 words certainly does that and getting found when lost becomes much easier.

So how does this app work?

This planet of ours is mapped into 3 x 3 square metre blocks, thats 57 trillion 3 x 3 square metre blocks and each of these blocks is given a unique  3 word coding. Thats just 3 single words per block that reaches all corners of this planet.

So if you have this smartphone app (available in android and iOS) on your phone and you find yourself lost in some national park or you require urgent assistance, then by using this app it will give you 3 unique words (ie, barn.road.fence) and the rescuers will know exactly where you are and can get people to you. This smart app is widely used these days and the emergency services would like us all to have it on our phones in case we need to be getting found when lost.

I am told that many people have this app on their phone to log where their tent is when they go to music festivals and so enables their tent getting found when lost in a sea of tents. This app is also useful to work alongside other apps such as maps too.

This app is FREE

This app is FREE to consumers but you can have it as a business application which Mercedes Benz have done and many other businesses too and this has a fee attached, but us consumers get this app for FREE, so getting found when lost has suddenly become easier and also has many other uses too. You can find out more about this amazing app here 


This FREE app to consumers is amazing and its easy to download and set up regardless what your system runs on. We encourage all of our first aid learners who come on our courses to download this app and causes some lively discussion too especially when they get 2 different locations because they are right at the edge of the 3 x 3 metre block.