If you want quality

If you want quality first aid training then it’s not going to be ‘cheap as chips’ as the saying goes, quite often we get told that we are ‘f**king expensive’ for what we offer, especially with people who want quality training but they want it at ‘bargain basement’ prices, and quite often they quote other first aid training providers prices in the hope we will drop our prices in a ‘price match’ war, and that certainly does not happen here we can assure you of that one.

Some of our competitors do service the ‘cheap as chips’ market and fair play to them if that’s there chosen market, but it certainly is not ours and our market is very different and if you want quality first aid training then you are going to get great value but at a fair price.

Are we that expensive?

Are we that really expensive in the scheme of things, NO we are not and many of our customers who we have worked with us state they have had very good value for the price they have paid, so what makes us so different from our competitors ?

  • All of our first aid training is bespoke and we know that one size does not fit all and why should it either, every business is unique with its own set of requirements and with that it has needed to fulfill. We guarantee that our first aid training will meet all your legal requirements and will be a perfect fit for your business and if we cannot do it for you we will most certainly tell you so and also why too.
  • We pride ourselves on having internal and external quality assurance carried out at frequent intervals it keeps us and our training cutting edge, it keeps us totally compliant with our ‘Awarding Organisation‘ and the regulations and conditions we guarantee to meet too.
  • Every first aid training course is delivered in a unique way it is fully inclusive, interactive and delivered by one of our own trainers we do not use contractor trainers, we want our delegates to interact with us and have an awesome learning experience with us too. Each course is built from the bottom up to ensure it is fit for purpose, interactive and fully inclusive of all learning styles too.
  • If you want quality training then you must have a gifted trainer who knows there subject inside out and they must have those skills to nurture learning and also to engage with the delegates. We do not use contractor trainers in our business, don’t get me wrong there are some really good trainers out there and we know quite a few of them, but all ours are homegrown, have professional teaching qualifications and experts in teaching high-quality first aid training.
  • We pride ourselves in that all our equipment is of very high quality and most of it is sourced from the USA and we have more than enough equipment to ensure that our delegates work in pairs rather than in groups of 4 like quite a few of our competitors do and even when our delegates work in pairs we often move them around during the day to ensure they get plenty of interaction with other delegates something that they love and often noted in there feedback to us.

Are we expensive for what value we give to our customers NO we are not, once our customers understand what value they are going to get and the qualifications they are going to receive are accredited and Ofqual approved

We have fast become the first aid training provider of choice

Warwickshire First Aid Training is a well respected first aid training provider that has fast become the first aid training provider of choice for many businesses throughout Warwickshire, West Midlands. To find more then give us a call today.