Scary statistics about small children choking

Small children choking is a scary statistic

Nothing surprises me anymore and recently read an article about babies and small children choking.

I wasn’t surprised that 40% of parents had witnessed a choking baby because they all choke at some time. But what did surprise me was that a staggering 80% of parents have not got any idea whatsoever what to do when this happens to their child or baby.

This is a frightening statistic when you consider that an average of 34 children are treated for choking on their food each day of the week in the UK according to St John Ambulance’s recent study.

Yes small children choking happens, my children choked at times, but with swift back slap and they coughed it up.

Paediatric first aid courses are ideal for parents, grandparents, and anyone who looks after children.

What is alarming is that Paediatric first aid training is widely available throughout the UK, and like us, many offers low-fee or free parent and babies first aid courses which cover choking and CPR training.

We run Paediatric First Aid courses and also Emergency Paediatric First Aid courses both are ideal first aid courses for babies and small children. On occasion, we also run ‘Parents and Babies first aid classes in conjunction with GP surgeries.

What is really scary is that people are relying on the ambulance service to get to their child quickly in an emergency which sometimes may not happen. At the time of writing, this was an average of a 26-minute wait before an ambulance would arrive. This is a long time if small children are choking and it is not the ambulance crew’s fault either.

OR many parents think it will not happen to them but statistically, it may do.

First aid training is always encouraged among us healthcare professionals and having those skills may make a very big difference in a medical emergency.

Small children choking what can we as parents do?

Parents need to be so careful when feeding their babies and small children. Even something like a small grape can easily choke a child to death within minutes if no treatment is given to clear this blockage.

Simple things like cutting the children’s food into small pieces and supervising them at meal times. If they should choke on a small piece of food then they should encourage the child to cough, quite often they can dislodge it themselves.

Quite often a simple backslap can be enough to dislodge it and quite often this works very well.

Not so long ago our MD was in a coffee shop with a friend and a child started to choke on a piece of muffin cake and noticed everybody was just watching this child go blue. An ambulance was called, and our MD let the parents know he was a healthcare professional and asked the mother if she would like some help (consent must be granted before you can touch anyone who is conscious). Permission was granted and treatment was provided treatment to the child, here is the blog on what happened that day.

Did you know our NHS has a great guide on what to do when a small child chokes, it doesn’t replace actual first aid training but may be a useful guide.

You cannot do any harm if you give backslaps to a child if they are choking, but giving abdominal thrusts or chest thrusts on a baby or small child can cause serious harm if you have not received any first aid training,  the child or adult should always be checked out by a healthcare professional.

small child choking

All of our first aid training courses cover choking

Choking is covered in all of our first aid courses under the guidance of a healthcare professional to ensure the training that is given is the very best it can be.

Attending a first aid course is not only a life skill but you will have the skills and knowledge to help a fellow human being in a medical emergency. This could be a family member or someone in the street.

You can find out more about what we offer by going to our home page.

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