When It Comes To First Aid Training We Are One Of The Best

When it comes to first aid training we are one of the best.

When it comes to first aid, we believe in doing things correctly from the start. When Warwickshire First Aid Training was launched in April 2016, this was one of the foundational elements. With 30+ years of practical experience in first aid training behind us, we had a unique understanding of what we needed to do and accomplish.

Our standards and procedures we have in place ensure everything is kept in check, and our external IQA team constantly monitors this for our compliance and also for our obligations to our awarding body, Qualifications Network UK too.

comes to first aid training

Our first aid training team

Our first aid training team is comprised of healthcare professionals with extensive experience and knowledge, both on the frontlines and as first aid trainers and assessors.

First aid training can be a very dry subject if delivered incorrectly, which we can assure you is not the case. Our training team understands how to make first aid training come to life and enjoyable for our students.

Our students get to use the best training aids available to make their first aid training as realistic as possible, such as our manikins, which mimic a human body and make CPR more authentic for them. Not all training providers invest in training equipment, which is detrimental to the learner’s training journey.

Each learner receives their own training manikin for the duration of their course with us; however, not many providers do this.

Regulated training only with us

Another thing we did right from the outset was deliver regulated training qualifications that are Ofqual regulated and accredited by an awarding organisation.

We chose to work with Qualifications Network UK after considering over 140 awarding organisations. They are known for their very high standards and also ensure their approved centres maintain those high standards through centre audits with their EQA (external quality assurance) teams.

We have been an approved centre since 2017, and our at-random audits by them, as well as our unannounced external IQA audits, have always been excellent.

Here is a blog about the differences between Regulated first aid training and unregulated first aid training.

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Centre No. 15227

So what makes us different?

Everyone learns differently, which makes us all unique, and our first aid training reflects this so that everyone has an amazing learning experience with us. Our first aid training is open to all genders, races, and abilities. It creates an excellent learning environment and makes group work more enjoyable for both them and us.

Our first aid trainers quickly identify when a learner is having difficulty and provide additional assistance and support to help them get back on track with their learning journey with us.

If you want to learn more about us and how we have built this business, have a look at our about us page, Here is a link.

Our feedback from our students

When we conduct first aid training, we like to ask our students to give us their honest feedback, whether it is positive or negative. If it is bad, we will deal with it right away. However, in our 30+ years of experience, this has rarely occurred, and the learner can speak with the trainer at any time if they have any concerns.

We have had students tell us that they now understand it, whereas before their first aid course, learning did not correspond to their learning styles, and they struggled.

Another training provider was recently on the same site as us, and by midmorning, that class wanted to join ours because of all the laughter and fun our students were having. You can read that blog here, We also got the training contract that day too

This makes us very happy and gives us a big smile.

Companies feedback

It is always nice to hear from the companies we work with, and many of them shout from the rooftops about how great their first aid training experience with us was. We have been awarded some fantastic contracts to deliver first aid training across their network as a result of this. This also makes us very happy and gives us a big, beaming smile.


There are many good and bad first aid training providers.

You must conduct due diligence on your proposed first aid training provider and thoroughly investigate them, especially if they offer unregulated first aid training. Many people do not want to follow the standards or requirements of an awarding organisation, and they do not want IQA or EQA scrutiny.

Training that is regulated.

By selecting a provider of first aid training who offers Ofqual certification on their courses. The HSE has stated that you do not need to go through their checklist because the training provider offers Ofqual-regulated qualifications, and thus the training provider has already completed the due diligence for you.

Training that is unregulated.

If you choose unregulated training, it is the legal responsibility of the employer to conduct due diligence on the training company, the trainer, and the proposed course. Here is the checklist that you would need to follow.

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