Direct Claim Status doesn’t come easy.

Direct Claim Status Doesn’t Come Easy.

So, what is Direct Claims Status?

Direct claim status is granted to centres that consistently demonstrate to the awarding organisation that they are in compliance with the requirements of being an approved centre with Qualifications Network UK.

Following a recent assessment by our Awarding Body, Qualifications Network UK, we were once again granted Direct Claims Status for a further 9 months.
This indicates that we have demonstrated over time that our quality assurance processes are top-notch and fit for purpose, placing us among the top 10% of compliance providers for first aid training.
This has to be renewed every 9 months.

To accomplish this, we have an external IQA (Internal Quality Assurer) who conducts unannounced visits to see our trainers delivering training and produces a teaching and learning review for our awarding organisation. They will also conduct ‘Dip Samples’ of our course paperwork at random to ensure that everything is correct, that we have claimed the course certificates correctly, and that they complete an IQA desktop review for submission to the awarding organisation.

Why do we use an external IQA and not an internal one?

This is something we wanted from the beginning. They are independent of us and unaffected by us, so their evaluation of us is correct. You can have an internal one, as many centres do, but we prefer to have someone independent of us assess us. This is an essential part of staying compliant for us.

We have had our external IQA for over 6 years, and he guides us in maintaining and retaining our direct claim status by conducting regular desktop paperwork reviews and observing and assessing trainers delivering training to ensure we are not only meeting but also exceeding our requirements.

direct claim status

How does this affect our customers?

This means that when you choose us as your first aid training provider, you can be certain that our trainers have undergone a rigorous selection process to ensure their competence.
It also means that we will receive certification sooner than other centres that have yet to achieve this status.
All of our first aid training team members are first responders with real-world first aid experience who must go through a rigorous selection process to be considered for the training and assessor teams.


Direct claim status is not granted lightly, and many centres do not have it because they have not earned the trust of the awarding organisation.

But, from the start, we wanted Warwickshire First Aid Training to be a premier first aid training provider in Warwickshire and surrounding counties. This required us to get all of our ducks in a row and demonstrate to our awarding organisation that we were capable of meeting all of the criteria for direct claim status and also maintaining it.

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