Selecting a First Aid Training Provider

Finding and selecting a First Aid provider can be a daunting process for any employer or business owner, things have changed since 1st October 2013 because HSE no longer approves first aid training or qualifications. It is now up to the employer or business owner to carry out due diligence checks with a potential training provider to ensure that they meet their requirements and are suitably qualified, and also how the training will be delivered to.

There are also various options for selecting a first aid training provider too, such as:first aid training provider

  • Those who choose to offer regulated qualifications (first aid qualifications regulated by the qualification regulators – Ofqual, SQA and the Welsh Government),
  • Those who operate independently of any such scheme for example, where a training provider chooses to demonstrate their competence to an employer by providing evidence that they meet the criteria set by HSE.
  • Those from one of the Voluntary Aid Societies (St John Ambulance, British Red Cross, and St Andrew’s First Aid).

All training providers should be able to and should be prepared to be able to demonstrate how they satisfy the criteria set by HSE.

Regulated Qualifications

Regulated qualifications are nationally recognised and these are available from a training centre for an awarding AO (Awarding Organisation), AOs are recognised by qualification regulators such (Ofqual, SQA, Welsh Government). Ofqual is the regulator of qualifications, exams and assessments for England, whereas “Scottish Qualifications Authority” (SQA) and Welsh Governments carry out similar functions too.

There are quite a few AOs in the UK, they have dedicated policies and quality assurance processes and must approve and monitor their training centres to ensure training meets a certain standard, AOs and their training centres must work in compliance with the Assessment Principles for First Aid Qualifications and the competence of trainers and assessors and the content of quality assurance systems.

Unregulated Qualifications

First aid training providers who offer unregulated qualifications need to meet the criteria that have been set by the HSE and also Skills for Health and they must also have a robust quality assurance in place too.

Any employer or business owner is free to choose whichever first aid training provider they please, but due diligence should be carried out to ensure it meets the business needs and requirements and to ensure they meet (Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981).

Warwickshire First Aid Training only offer regulated qualifications, and we do this through Qualifications Network, one of the larger  Awarding Organisations in the UK.