Selecting a First Aid Training Provider

Selecting a first aid training provider

Selecting a first aid training provider can be challenging for employers and company owners. Since October 1st, 2013, the HSE no longer approves first aid training and credentials.

It is now the employer’s or business owner’s responsibility to do due diligence checks on possible first aid training providers to ensure that they satisfy their standards, are adequately qualified, and know how the training will be provided.

There are several possibilities for picking a training provider, including:

  • Those who opt to offer regulated qualifications (first aid qualifications) are regulated by the qualification regulators; in England it is Ofqual, in Scotland it is SQA, and in Wales it is Qualifications Wales.
  • Those who operate independently of any such scheme, such as when a training provider wishes to demonstrate their competence to an employer by producing documentation that they fulfil the HSE’s standards,.
  • Those affiliated with a voluntary aid society (St. John Ambulance, British Red Cross, or St. Andrew’s First Aid).

All training providers should be able and prepared to demonstrate how they meet the HSE’s criteria.

selecting a first aid training provider

Regulated qualifications

Regulated qualifications are nationally recognised and can be obtained at a training centre through an awarding AO (Awarding Organisation), which is recognised by qualification regulators such as Ofqual, SQA, and the Welsh Government.

Ofqual is the regulator of qualifications, exams, and assessments in England, while the “Scottish Qualifications Authority” (SQA) and Welsh governments perform comparable responsibilities.

There are many AOs in the UK; they have specific policies and quality assurance systems, and they must approve and monitor their training centres to guarantee that training achieves a specified standard.

AOs and their training centres must adhere to the Assessment Principles for First Aid Qualifications, as well as the competency of trainers and assessors and the content of quality assurance procedures.

We offer regulated first aid qualifications as an onsite option and also through our training venue in Rugby, Warwickshire.

Unregulated qualifications

Providers who offer unregulated qualifications must meet the standards established by the HSE and Skills for Health, as well as have adequate quality assurance in place.

Any employer or business owner is free to choose whatever training provider they like, but due diligence should be performed to verify that it fulfils the needs and requirements of the business (Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981). This due diligence should also be recorded and retained.


Check out our blog to learn more about the differences between regulated and unregulated.

When selecting a first aid training provider, you should also consider the trainer’s experience, as many providers just have a basic teaching qualification like PTLLS and a first aid at work qualification. This is the absolute least they require to be able to provide training.

We at Warwickshire First Aid Training are all first responders who have gone through a rigorous selection procedure to secure a spot on the training team. They also need real-world first aid experience, which is unlikely to be obtained through a first aid at work certification.

Our first aid trainers and assessors must be at least two levels more qualified than the first aid course they are teaching our students.

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